Thursday, December 08, 2005

Iron Clad your Immune System

During this winter season everyone needs to know how to protect themselves from getting miserable because of the colds and flu. Here are some vital information.

Antioxidants are your defense against free radicals. These specified nutrients neutralize free radicals before they attack your cells and cause the dangerous chain reaction that leads to fatigue, aging and disease.
Each antioxidants functions independently and has unique benefits, only a broad spectrum antioxidants supplement can provide your body with all the anti-aging, disease-fighting nutrients your body needs.
a) Energy, vitality and stamina for all those active, seasonal activities.
b) Youthful skin and eyes. And who doesnt want to be always young?
c) Vibrant, armor-clad immunity, you don’t need to be sick and miserable, when you could be healthy and enjoying life.

Fatigue, aging, disease, all of these health challenges have something in common: they have been linked to free radical damage in a host of scientific studies. Free radicals rob your cells of essential electrons, leaving them damaged, mutated or dead, while they go on to destroy neighboring cells.

Follows a delicious dinner side-salad, for your holiday meals. It is so good, you won’t notice it’s packed with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals- Vitamins A,C and E, selenium and zinc. Simply toss together these fresh ingredients and drizzle with a light italian dressing made with olive oil, vinegar, herbs, salt and pepper. Enjoy!!
*Spinach leaves
*Shredded carrots
*Almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds
*sliced mushrooms
*Red bell peppers.

But if you try all of these and still don’t think you have boosted your system, the combination of Golden Seal and Echinacea can help you shorten the duration of colds, and flu, upper respiratory infections and urinary tract infections. So, instead of feeling miserable, you can start feeling like yourself again and enjoy all the things you used to.
Golden Seal—helps kill harmful bacteria, mostly in your intestines and urinary tract

Echinacea—gives you added protection from viruses, which can make you feel miserable

And don’t forget to eat your citrus fresh fruits.

Did you Know? Vitamin C helps boost the immune system and fights free radicals, while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Job Safety

We spend most of our lives at our workplace. Therefore it is our
responsibilty to make it a friendly and safe environment. Sometimes
it doesnt matter how much effort we put, the employer doenst comply
with rules to create such a circumstance. There are certain workers
rights and responsibilities to create a safe place.

Lets look at some of them.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created
by Congress in 1970 to ensure that every U.S worker is protected at
their workplace. Standards were set and continuously updated. It is
the responsibility of employers to provide safe workplaces. The
worker's role is to help employers identify and correct problems.

Workers are responsible for:
-Following the employer's safety rules and wear all required gear
-Following safe work practices on the job as directed by employer
-Reporting hazardous conditions to a supervisor or safety committee
-Reporting hazardous conditions to OSHA if employers dont fix them

OSHA has mandated employers to be responsible for:
-Providing a safe and healthful workplace free of recognized hazards
-Provide training, medical examinations and record keeping.
(Source: US dept of labor)

OSHA is there to help employees and employers. Their goal is zero
on the job accidents. So we find out that we are not out there alone.
There are people in OSHA on our side. Dont be afraid to report to
your supervisor any circumstance that you might think is hazardous and
if you don't get any answer, then you know where to go. Find the OSHA
phone number in your yellow pages. Call before there is any situation
that could happen and you might lament it for the rest of your life.
No one can live with a guilty conscience.

Good luck to all!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Your way to Wealth

Have you ever gone to work and thought; "What am I doing here?,
I'm wasting my time at this crummy job, when I can be somewhere
else making real money."
Conventional wisdom says that it takes money to make money. This
is not entirely true. To achieve your destiny, you need more than
just a dream, especially if you want to get to where you belong in
the shortest time possible.
There are books out there that can be bought and read, and if
you dont have the money, our local libraries have a vast list of
books which be borrowed. If they dont have it available, a lot of
them may be able to contact other nearby libraries and request that
Knowledge is something nobody can take away from you. It is wealth in words.
These books can be used as a launching pad, as a map showing the
shortest route to its destination. It will show how to avoid the
pitfalls, detours, and mistakes others have made.
There are a lot of secrets to success. So you wont find the answer
in only one book. The doctors, lawyers and architects dont become
what they are with only one book. Dont get fooled with only one
book. Get other opinions and then get to your own conclusion, in
other words, now you can create your own opinion.
You will learn that the true secrets used by self-made millionaires
are actually quite easy to put into practice. You'll learn their
techniques, and eventually you'll see that you can do it too.
Once you put into practice some of the theories you might find that:
-Income goes up dramatically
-Debts start melting away
-credit scores increase
-vacation homes are purchased
-children are enrolled in better schools
-Luxury cars are bought
-Monthly bills are paid they day they arrive
-sacrifices disappear
-futures are secured
-doubt and worries evaporate
-legacies are created
-Self confidence is part of you

Good luck to all of you.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Do you have what it takes to be an e-entrepreneur?
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
Author of "Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online"

These days, it seems like everyone wants to work
from home and make money on the Internet. But
before you even turn on your computer, the first
question you have to ask yourself is whether
you’re cut out for this kind of work.

The fact is, building a home-based business isn’t
for everyone. Some people like the commute. They
really do enjoy having a boss who tells them what
to do, and they like the routine of working
nine-to-five for an ordinary salary that can
barely pay the mortgage. Personally, I think
they’re nuts.

More reasonably, there are people who are
concerned about the risk of starting up their own
business. They’re not sure it’s worth the
investment of time and money, and they’re scared
of the responsibility that comes with running
their own company. They wonder if there is
another way to escape the rat race.

I’m sure there is. You could win the lottery or
wait for your Aunt Sue to keel over and leave you
her condo. Or maybe you could sit down with a pen
and paper and draw the blueprint for "The Next
Big Thing". Anything can happen... Right?

For me, what happened was creating a successful,
self-running Internet marketing system. It didn’t
happen without effort. It didn’t happen without
at least some initial investment of both time and
money and, of course, it doesn’t happen now
without me making sure that the taxes are filed
and the paperwork is done. But it happened.

I’m my own boss. I work from home according to my
own schedule and I get to pocket all the cash my
business makes. If you’re prepared to give an
e-business the time, the work and the money it
needs to get started and get growing, it can
happen for you too.

Article excerpted from "Dotcomology":
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sales Website

Everyone seems to have their websites out there. Either with a service to offer or items to sell. Thanks to the technology out there your business can be completely automated so that it takes little time to run.There is the advantage that your product or service are available24 hours a day and globally.

Your customer only needs to connect to the internet, click a few buttons, punches in their credit card number and the transaction is done. As you notice you have little expense. No office space, payroll,electricity, and you have access to a broader customer base.

Obviously, the important part here is to increase quality buying traffic to your website. This part is not that easy. You can use uneffective advertisement programs or you can try out some that have a better result, such as affiliate programs, banners, e-zines. One of the things you should remember is that people dont regularly go the the website with the purpose to buy, but to look for quality information.

Have an appealing and competitive sales letter giving them a lot of information which turns into a desire for your item/service. Then comes the magic, the desired result, the purchase. After entering their credit card number and the order is approved, they will receive an email confirming their order and informing them how and when they will receive the purchase.

If you understand the value of a customer, then you know that this customer can be a repetitive customer if you use the correct sales letters and email followups. Here is where you need an automatic responder. This too works on its own, while you are sleeping or having fun, your customer gets the followup emails. Emails where you are thanking him for the order and offering at the same time another item/service that compliments the previous sales.

A sales website doesnt need to be that complicated. It is easy to maintain and it offers what you state. Dont forget the testimonies. These are important. Get as many of these and add them to your website for credibility. People dont like to be the first person buying the item/service. They love to see that others have tried it and liked it. So don't be afraid of attaching this important section.

The guarantee is the last part. We love to buy things with guarantee so go ahead and make it in writing. Where every visitor is able to see it. There are out attractive seals of guarantee that are not easily overlooked. Above all, honor your guarantee. Stand behind it.

Give it a try and as always You can do It!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A brand new day

I live in an area that is more of a desert than anything else. The weather here goes to extremes. Two days ago it was raining like crazy, today the sun came out, lovely, and recalling last week's weather, it was chicago style, windy, had to hold on to things. The best part of a windy day is that you don't have to worry too much of hair styling. If anything goes wrong, you can simply blame it on the wind. I usually have big problems with my hair. I don't have a straight hair, and neither is it curly, it is inbetween, and it is not thin. Nothing seems to work with my hair. I've used mouse, gel, conditioners, etc and nothing does the trick. I just leave it as it is, and when matters go to worse, I cut it very short. I try not to spend a lot of time in my hair. Once a week I put curlers on, and that is when I go to church. My church lays on top of a hill, and guess what? It is very windy up there, so all that effort for nothing. There are other things that sometimes upsets me, but I treat everyday as a brand new day. I don't know what tomorrow will bring for me, and I don't seem to worry that much, I don't know for sure if I am going to be here, do you? So, why worry? Every day brings its own ventures, and you need to know who to tackle it one by one. A day is a day, and it doesnt matter where, when, what or who, it will come and if you are in it, you got to live it. Just think, how many of our love ones have left us behind? A lot of them had no idea it was their last day. Some did, but most of them didn't. Accidents happen, so that is the reason why I treat each day as a brand new day. I live at peace and in harmony. Keeping a smile in my face and trying to tackle every days issue one by one with best of my knowledge and ability. It is true, we are human beings, and it is normal that I have wishes and desires, but I dont allow that to go behind limits, that is called stress, and I dont want to be stressed out, it is not good for our health. Our health has no price, its a priceless issue and I wont allow it to be touched by things that dissappear with each days sunset. I try not to leave todays things for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. A brand new day gives you the opportunity to live life differently if you want. Enjoy it and be happy.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

One more day

In todays world if you don't get updated with technology you are nobody out there. I've been studying hard to learn about the latest. I've invested good amount of money for someone to teach me about the money money on the internet. There are a lot of guru's out there that promise you a lot. From experience the best is to buy a course and stick to it. I did so the past days and got my site built and still learning from the excellent coaching service. Who said things are going to be free? Everything in live has a price. Even when you go to the store, seems that the cashiers won't smile at you or even say hi to you if you don't pay them a tip. So I paid for this site, not too much money, but to keep it running I have to pay for services to get it advertised. Its a very interesting site and promise a lot. I am not a negative person so I know you can do it. The site doesnt have any selling or calling people up, which is good. I hate to sell. If I had to sell underwears I guess I'll have to wear them because nothing would sell. So take a lot at the following site and enjoy, everything it says is true.